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Lower Subframe (A1)

Lower Subframe (A1)

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This option for the Mk1 is a four-point subframe connection, which mounts to the front and rear of the control arms. This bar has two cross sections that connect the front to the rear, thus giving maximum stability. Legal for SCCA IMPROVED TOURING class. Our lower stress bars are designed to fit cars with manual transmissions only. Finished in gloss black powder coat.|

Modification required could be required with an aftermarket header.


VW Mk1 Rabbit
VW Mk1 Jetta I
VW Mk1 Scirocco

4 and 5-Speed manual transmissions only.

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APPLICATIONS :   ( Vehicle Type & Year / Engine )
Cabriolet 1990-1992 1.8L Digifant
Cabriolet 1980-1989 1.8L CIS
Caddy Pickup 1979-1981 1.6L
Caddy Pickup 1979-1981 1.8L
Caddy Pickup 1979-1981 1.6L Diesel
MkI Jetta 1980-1984 1.8L
MkI Jetta 1981-1984 Diesel
MkI Jetta 1980-1984 1.6L
MkI Rabbit GTI 1983-1984 1.8L 8V
MkI Rabbit non GTI 1980-1984 1.8L
MkI Rabbit non GTI 1975-1983 Diesel
MkI Rabbit non GTI 1977-1984 1.6L
MkI Scirocco 1977-1981 4-CYL 8V
MkI Scirocco 1975-1976 1.8L 8V
MkII Scirocco 1987-1988 1.8L 16V
MkII Scirocco 1982-1988 1.8 8V