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16v Limited, G60 Supercharger Integration

16v Limited, G60 Supercharger Integration

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BBM 16v Limited Conversion Parts Group, for use with G60 G-Lader or BBM G60 RS-300 & RS-500 Twin Screw Supercharger kits. Our brackets are reverse engineered, modern day, CNC machined replicas of the VW Motorsport parts group.

If you are looking for a big supercharged torque curve, then go with the BBM 16v limited parts group conversion. Do you have access to a G60 engine and a 16v engine and have thought about how sweet this supercharged combination performs? The BBM 16v Ltd. parts group includes the primary custom 16v VWMS Ltd. parts that you will need for this engine conversion. All BBM billet parts are CAD/CAM designed of the highest quality and manufactured by BBM in the USA. Superchargers are sold separately.

Integration Parts Group Included:

  • BBM SC- 16v Throttle Body Adapter Elbow
  • BBM SC-16v Billet Crank Pulley
  • BBM SC-16v Billet Aluminum Fuel Rail
  • BBM FPR Adapter and Fittings
  • Digifant Fuel Injector Seats
  • BBM SC-16v Rear Alternator Brackets
  • BBM Billet Serpentine Belt Tensioner Brackets
  • BBM SC-16v Engine Crank Case Ventilation Breather
  • BBM SC-16v Software for Digifant-1 Engine Management
  • BBM SC-16v Idler pulley
  • Longer throttle cable
  • Bosch 16v SC Spark Plugs


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APPLICATIONS :   ( Vehicle Type & Year / Engine )
Corrado 1988-1995 G60 8V
MkII Golf / GTI 1990-1992 2.0L 16V
MkII Golf / GTI 1987-1989 1.8L 16V
MkII Jetta 1990-1992 2.0L 16V
MkII Jetta 1987-1989 1.8L 16V
MkII Scirocco 1987-1988 1.8L 16V
Passat B3 Sedan 1990-1994 2.0L 16V
Passat B3 Wagon 1990-1994 2.0L 16V