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RS/RSR Porting, Stage IV

RS/RSR Porting, Stage IV

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BBM is the first and only to offer this high tech 3D CNC porting solution for your ultra performance g-lader needs. This is the BBM Full Monty Porting service, utilizing all of our proprietary CNC porting methods "RS & RSR". An amazing increase in CFM and boost through the entire RPM range. 3D digitized outlet with BBM CAD modeling yields better flow geometry. Enhanced laminar airflow and a larger outlet opening for increased CFM. This smooth flow equals lower discharge temperatures and added power. We utilize our 4-Axis CNC machining center to maximize the outlet housing to our tested airfoil geometry. Generates more boost / CFM! Taking the RS porting one-step further, more extensive machining of the housing outlet and match ported to our RSR billet outlet. Nets a huge 6mm increase in the overall charger outlet diameter. Not only does the RSR outlet increase flow, it eliminates the leak prone, plastic silencer Box assembly. A BBM RSR Outlet Kit must be supplied or purchased to complete this modification.


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RS/RSR Porting, Stage IV

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Corrado 1988-1995 G60 8V