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BBM Remanufactured G60 G-Lader Supercharger

BBM Remanufactured G60 G-Lader Supercharger

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BBM Remanufactured G60 G-Lader Supercharger out-right, no core required.


 If you demand the best parts, best service and truly skilled people for your G60 G-lader, then look no further than BBM.


We only use true OEM Apex wear Strips. Bronze Filled, Oil Impregnated, Non Shrinking, from the VW OEM manufacturer. These are the real deal! Other builders simply do not have accress to the correct OEM Apex strips, they can only claim Beige Sintimid, non OEM, wrong material, wrong tollerance! Using only OEM apex strips is critical to your g-laders full boost potential and longevity. 

We replace all bearings, seals, 'C' clips, housing bolts and Apex strips. Every charger receives a remanufactured main shaft, shaft collar and tooth belt. Please specify your build options and we will start building up a G60 supercharger for you. Modified chargers may require an additional 2-3 more days prior to shipment.




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BBM Remanufactured G60 G-Lader Supercharger


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APPLICATIONS :   ( Vehicle Type & Year / Engine )
Corrado 1988-1995 G60 8V