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G60 G-Lader Supercharger Rebuild Remanufacture

G60 G-Lader Supercharger Rebuild Remanufacture

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Corrado 25th Anniversary Sale, SAVE$$


BBM G60 G-Lader Supercharger rebuild / remanufacture service.

Ship us your G60 G-Lader supercharger for the full BBM G60 remanufacturing process.

If you demand the very best parts, best service and truly skilled people working on your precious G60 G-lader, look no further than BBM.

We use only the latest generation OEM high speed bearings and OE spec Viton oil seals. Full six month BBM warranty with the stock pulley installed.

We only use true OEM Apex wear Strips. Bronze Filled, Oil Impregnated, Non Shrinking, from the VW OEM manufacturer. These are the real deal! Other builders simply do not have accress to the correct OEM Apex strips, they can only claim Beige Sintimid, non OEM, wrong material, wrong tollerance! Using only OEM apex strips is critical to your g-laders full boost potential and longevity.

Once your charger hits our door we will start the inspection process of your charger and contact you. Please Note This Product is a pre-payment on rebuilding your G60 G-Lader. The process will not be started until BBM receives your G-Lader.

Learn more about our complete g-lader re-manufacturing services please Click here

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Shipping your G-Lader to BBM, Please Do Not: Disassemble the G-Lader housing, or remove cog belt or cogs from shaft remove main drive pulley or retaining bolt When Shipping & Packaging:

    1. Please use UPS, FedEX or USPS insured with tracking to ship your supercharger.
    2. Place your G-Lader in a heavy duty plastic bag to prevent oil leakage.
    3. Wrap G-Lader several times in bubble wrap, foam blocks or suitable packing material to secure it in the box.
    4. Protect the cogwheel and pulley main shaft from impact during shipping.
    5. Include all pertinent contact info including: Name, address, telephone number w/ area code, email address.
    6. Provide a written explanation of the services you would like us to perform on your charger or work order.
    7. Attach return address information to the charger in case of package damage.
    8. Include a stock drive pulley (78mm dia.) w/ charger.
    9. Make sure you insure your package for the full core replacement value (at least $1,200)

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G60 G-Lader Supercharger Rebuild Remanufacture


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Corrado 1988-1995 G60 8V