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BBM Billet G60 Tensioner Cap - Back in Production!

BBM Billet G60 Tensioner Cap - Back in Production!

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This is an excellent addition to any G60 running a g-lader or BBM twin screw compressor kit. We also recommend this part with the 16V Ltd. Conversions. With the BBM adjustable tensioner cap installed you can adjust the tension of the serpentine belt to just the right perfect belt load. By doing this you eliminate the chance of belt slip and have the ability to change pulley sizes with out changing belt sizes. Eliminating belt slip will yield the maximum boost potential and the horse power of your set up.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Tip: You can use one belt size to run all pulley diameters when using the BBM tensioner cap. Drop some flat washers in behind the cap and you can go from a stock 78mm all the way down to a 50mm with the same stock size serpentine belt length. A good rule for adjusting the tensioner is to get the gap between the tensioner springs just slightly smaller than the actual thickness of the springs wire diameter.

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Corrado 1988-1995 G60 8V