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VW Rabbit/ Scirocco / Golf - Weber 32/36 DFEV Carb

VW Rabbit/ Scirocco / Golf - Weber 32/36 DFEV Carb

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This Weber conversion kit by Redline contains the following:

(1) 32/36 DFEV Genuine Spanish Weber Carburetor - Electric Choke
(1) Linkage kit with related hardware and gaskets 
(1) Complete new intake manifold                                                         

(1) Air filter assembly


Why buy from BBM and Redline?

The Weber conversions by Redline are unique in many ways:

  • Redline was the first and is still the best conversion available.
  • Proprietary changes to the jetting allow for flawless performance.
  • Tuning and jetting from the leader in Weber conversions.
  • Expert phone support from an experienced sales staff.
  • Toll free customer support phone line - real people with real answers.
  • Factory Direct Pricing and Product Support.
  • Largest selection of Weber Carbs and parts
  • We sell only GENUINE EUROPEAN WEBER carbs - no imitations.
  • Beware of Chinese made and "NorthAmerican Webers" -they may look the same - but they are not the original Weber carb. 
  • The Redline kits contain the Genuine Weber from Europe.

Genuine European Weber vs. the others


1975-1984 VW Rabbit 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 1.8 SOHC 8v engines

1985-1992 VW Golf - SOHC 8v engines only 1.8

1980-1992 VW Jetta - SOHC 8v engines only 1.6, 1.7, and 1.8

1975-1979 VW Scirocco - SOHC 8v engines only 1.5, 1.6, and 1.8

1975-1981 VW Dasher - 8v SOHC engine 1.5 and 1.6


This kit will replace the carburetor on any stock 8v engine that came stock with a carburetor

If originally fuel injected other parts will be required to use this conversion kit (high quality pressure regulator or low pressure fuel pump - about 3psi)



NOT CARB Approved: This Carburetor kit is not legal for highways use in States requiring CARB certification.

Please contact Weber Redline directly with any technical questions, or warranty claims.

Installation Note: The 32/36 DFV progressive carburetor as used in any REDLINE kit is pre-calibrated and set to run on most normal standard and stock engines and provide a performance and fuel economy improvement. If that engine has been upgraded or improved with other performance items there will be a need to recalibrate or re-jet the carburetor in some situations.

This carburetor kit requires minor installation modifications and basic mechanical skills and hand tools.  

Intake manifold may require slight modification (grind or file) to fit around stock exhaust manifold. Tolerances are very close on stock setup and this is an intake manifold designed to fit the cylinder head on all 8v motors shown.


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