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1.4 Fiat Turbo Ultimate Oil Change Kit

1.4 Fiat Turbo Ultimate Oil Change Kit

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This is the ultimate oil change kit for your Fiat/Jeep/Dodge 1.4L turbo engine. There are a couple of great advantages to this kit. The first being the 3/8 drive small body socket for removing your oil filter cap. This socket makes the job much easier. The second is the Liquimoly Leichtlauf-high-tech-sae-5w-40 oil is a fantastic oil designed specifically for modern turbo engines that tend to consume oil. In our personal 2 shop cars (one abarth, one 500T) we have seen a significant reduction in oil loss (your results may very). For our customers with newer cars under warranty the oil does meet the Chrysler Fiat spec right on the label. 

The kit includes - 

1 Genuine Mopar oil filter 

1 5 Liter jug of Liquimoly Leichtlauf-high-tech-sae-5w-40

1 Magnetic Drain Plug 

1 3/8 drive oil filter cap socket 

1 Oil change reminder sticker 


1.4 Fiat Turbo Ultimate Oil Change Kit

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