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Neu-F RSe05 17" Wheel

Neu-F RSe05 17\

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The Neu-F RSe05 is a wheel with unmatched quality, perfectly spec-ed for your Fiat. With its design adapted from the European touring challenge cars and weighing just a mere 16.5 Lbs., the RSe05 will enhance your driving experience cosmetically as well as performance by reducing the rotational mass or unsprung weight. The instant benefits would be: lighter steering, shorter braking, and responsive throttle feel. 

Some claim to have the completely bolt-on wheels for the Fiat by having the mounting holes to be specifically 4 x 98mm pattern. But that is just basic necessity to get the wheels to fit! Beyond that, there are other features that need to be adderssed in order to produce a truly advance wheel: 

- HUB CENTERIC. We machined our wheels to fit factory brake hub WITHOUT the use of any 'hub center rings'.  
- Center cap opening is machined to accept OEM ABARTH CAP for the clean factory look. 
- OEM TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System Sensor) compatible. 
- OEM LUG BOLTS compatible. 
- Will clear all BIG BRAKE KITS available in the market. 
- ROTARY FORMED aluminum alloy. 


  • Size: 17x7.5 

  • Offset: +35 mm 

  • PCD: 4-98mm 

  • Bore: 58.1mm 

  • Lug Seat: Conical 

  • Weight: 16.5 lbs. (7.5 kg) 


RSe05 does not come with any center cap. 

OEM Abarth Cap part#: 4726183-AB 


Please select color black, gun metal, white, or red



Graphite  (NF880501-G)
Red  (NF880501-R)
White  (NF880501-W)
Black  (NF880501-B)
Neu-F RSe05 17\
Neu-F RSe05 17\
Neu-F RSe05 17\

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