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MK3 2.0 ABA Supercharger Chip Stage 1

MK3 2.0 ABA Supercharger Chip Stage 1

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Stage 1 C2 EPROM for supercharged applications,  combined with Bosch 30# injectors is all you need for a plug'n play solution capable of 250hp.

With this stage 1 EPROM, you are able to run your stock MAF, stock compression, and stock fuel pump.


Consider lowering the compression and adding an inline pump when running more than 10psi.


Street Version

This a performance EPROM that retains 100% of your cars emissions equipment. You must not alter the factory emissions in order to use this software or you will get a Check Engine Light (CEL).


Race Version

This is a performance EPROM that allows for the addition of an aftermarket exhaust.


Track Version

This performance EPROM is designed for OFFROAD or TRACK-ONLY use, and will allow for the removal of the SAI(secondary air injection), CAT and 2nd O2 sensor.



**DISCLAIMER: This FLASH to be used on cars retaining factory compliance to all federal emissions standards. C2Motorsports is not responsible for the misuse of this product.

**SETUP DISCLAIMER: For the MAF-based system you will need to use a DV recirculated. Cannot use a BOV to atmosphere


Please provide Fuel octane 91 or 93 to be used.


Street Version  (226555285-1)
Race Version  (226555285-2)
Track Version  (226555285-3)

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