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MK1 Brake Master Cylinder

MK1 Brake Master Cylinder

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MK1 Brake Master Cylinder. 20.64mm

Repair those fading brakes and soft brake pedal!


If you have tried and tried to bleed your brakes but still have a soft brake pedal, your master cylinder is most likely going out. Do this little test after bleeding: With the car running, depress the brakes. If your pedal gets lower and lower while braking is reduced, your master cylinder is bad. Order a replacement from BBM to get your brakes back in shape.

These quality, aftermarket master cylinders are made to the same specifications of the original, and are guaranteed to work perfectly. Will require bench bleeding to ensure good operation after installation. Consult a repair manual for instructions.

When doing your brake service, be sure that you have the necessary fluids to reinstall into your engine, transmission, and cooling system. BBM offers a wide variety of all fluids needed in your automobile. From brake fluid to coolant, be sure that you have the necessary VW approved fluids to replace when lost during service. Let BBM send everything you need right to your door so your service goes more smoothly.

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