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G60 or Digi 1 Billet Crank Pulley

G60 or Digi 1 Billet Crank Pulley

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G60 and Digi One 8V Crank Pulley !! 

CNC billet aluminum pulleys for the G60 8V and Digi One 8V Engines. Each pulley is precision machined to a run out of less than .001.  The products are completed entirely on the CNC mill, and therefore have a nearly chrome surface finish. The billet crank pulley reduces rotating mass by over 4 lbs.

Billet G60 and Digi One 8V Crank Pulley 
Designed as an integral one piece pulley and fabricated from a solid chunk of 6061-T651 aluminum, this one weighs less than half of what the OEM crank pulley weighs. Comes complete with Grade 10.9 bolts for a drop in installation. Timing mark machined in as well. This is the lightest G60/Digi One 8V crank pulley there is ! You can also choose to order this pulley without the power steering V belt section to reduce rotating weight further.  

Fits Corrado G60 and Digi One 8V Engines.

 Replaces OEM p/n 037-105-255. 


With Power steering belt pulley  (226107265--1)
Without Power Steering  (226107265--2)

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APPLICATIONS :   ( Vehicle Type & Year / Engine )
Corrado 1988-1995
Corrado 1988-1995