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Mocal Thermostatic Sandwich Plate VW Audi TSI FSI Engines

Mocal Thermostatic Sandwich Plate VW Audi TSI FSI Engines

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Adding oil cooling to the latest generation of VW / Audi engines
is now possible with our latest sandwich plate for VW/Audi TSi /
FSi type engines. These 2.0L engines date from 2006-2014
and come installed in a wide range of VW and Audi vehicles.
Unfortunately here is where it gets confusing as there are numerous
engine and vehicle codes for this series applications
and a alphabet soup of designations for USA and international
vehicles. Here is how to determine fitment: The correct engine
will have the oil filter at the top front corner of the engine, facing
up near the alternator and water/oil cooler. The mount for the
filter will be aluminum not plastic. The engine will have chain
driven camshafts not belt. Once you have determined fitment,
the rest is easy. The stock oil filter on these engines is unique
as it uses a male M27 threaded lance to engage a drain back
feature. Our sandwich plate is compatible and once installed
will permit the use of a more common oil filter in 3/4"-16 like is
used on 1.8T type engines. Fluid ports are 1/2"-14 ORB thread
and can be adapted to either -8AN or -10AN for plumbing. Making
into a "kit" normally requires 4x 90º degree hose fittings and
10 feet of hose (user cuts and assembles to length). For a cooler
the 19 row (12 x 6 x 2") or 25 row (12 x 8 x 2") is most popular.

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