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MK4 12V VR6 Stage 3 Turbo Kit

MK4 12V VR6 Stage 3 Turbo Kit

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Stage 3 VR6 Turbo package. This kit is specifically engineered, tuned and tested for the 1999.5 - 2003 12V VR6 MKIV Golf / Jetta. Stage III brings it all together with a compression point drop via a low compression head gasket and the front mount intercooler. More boost and power. Dyno tested to the wheels 350HP @ 17PSI


Discontinued by CTS Turbo.


- T3 / T4E 60 Trim Turbocharger 
- High Nickle VR6 Turbo Manifold 
- Precision 39mm Wastegate 
- 2.5" Stainless Steel Down-pipe 
- 3" Stainless Steel Intake 
- 4" MAF housing
- Braided Oil Lines with all fittings 
- AFE Re-useable Air Filter 
- All Silicone Hoses and Stainless Steel Clamps 
- Bosch 40# Green Giant fuel injectors, machined to fit stock intake manifold
- Flash-load 40# Turbo Software 
- Spark Plugs 
- Hardware/gaskets/nuts/bolts etc. 
- Aluminum Intercooler Core 
- Black Sandtex Powder Coated Intercooler Tubing
- SS Head Spacer Gasket Kit, lowers compression to 9:1CR

MK4 12V VR6 Stage 3 Turbo Kit
MK4 12V VR6 Stage 3 Turbo Kit

Price: $4,799.95