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Peloquin Limited Slip Differential - 02Q

Peloquin Limited Slip Differential - 02Q

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Differential housings are made from either 4320 or 8620 steel. Gears are made from 9310 steel. All parts are from billet material and CNC machined to the closest factory specifications. All differentials have been heat treated, Sub-O, and shot peened. Bolt kit included.


This differential can be used in the new Jetta 6-speed,
and upcoming Passat transverse mount 6-speed 200hp 4cyl engine.
The main change made was to the bearing diameter.
Now it has a much larger bearing than the 02M differential. Limited stock,
so call before ordering and give Vin number or trans code for transaxle verification.
This unit will fit the later Audi A3 transverse mount transaxle.

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