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Peloquin Limited Slip Differential - O2J-B

Peloquin Limited Slip Differential - O2J-B

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Differential housings are made from either 4320 or 8620 steel. Gears are made from 9310 steel. All parts are from billet material and CNC machined to the closest factory specifications. All differentials have been heat treated, Sub-O, and shot peened. All differentials come with bolt kits.


This product is used in the new Golf 4cyl and new 5cyl Jetta cars 2004 and up.
This differential has 113mm ring gear diameter, and uses our new bolt kit (02J-B)
Order with Vin number to make sure you get the correct differential. Some times
the Vin number won't work or trans. code number as VW has yet come up with a
way to tell the public which ring gear they have.
If you have the new Jetta/Golf car with the 5 cyl. engine you will take the 02J 498 005B

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