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MkII T-Body Adapter to 3" - THREADED VERSION

MkII T-Body Adapter to 3\

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BBM MkII Throttle Body Adaptor to 3" Another custom BBM tooled, cast and precision CNC machined part. This part smoothly transitions from the factory MkII throttle body / intake manifold opening to a three inch round. Ok, so what the heck do I do with this silly thing? You can do a few things with this part: Weld it onto a custom 3" high flow manifold to adapt your throttle body the clean way. Weld our billet 80mm Mustang throttle body adaptor to this so you can bolt a big bore right up to your factory VW intake manifold. Running a custom MkII supercharger set up? Superchargers configure the throttle body at the intake side of the compressor unit. Use this part on the intake manifold and couple your boost tube up to it with a silicone hose adaptor. It even has a cast in bead so your tube will not pop off under boost.

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