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MkIII 2.0L ABA 16V Head Conversion

MkIII 2.0L ABA 16V Head Conversion

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Watch out normally aspirated VR6's, VR6-T and up-rated 1.8T's The 2.0 Slow might just blow your doors off! Until now, the 16V head conversion for the ABA motor (MKIII 2.0L) was an elusive project. Most people know that the 16V head is a much better and higher flowing unit than the stock MKIII 8V cross flow head. Volkswagen even gave the market a taste of this with the ABF 2.0L 16V motor. This was a Europe only option that made almost as much power as the VR6 in normally aspirated form. Well we at BBM are so excited by the capability of this combination that we have decided to simplify the process for you. This integration includes all of the primary pieces you will need to complete this puzzle. You will need to supply a complete 16V head assembly (including intake / exhaust manifolds, and distributor) and some gaskets. Here is what you get: BBM Dizzy Gizzy and Modified Intermediate Shaft Pulley This is the easiest and the most cost effective way to run the oil pump in these motors. Until we created the Dizzy Gizzy, the only option was to source a complete intermediate shaft, drive gears, distributor block off and oil pump from a 16V bottom end. This meant that you needed to source a complete 16V engine. Have you seen what it costs to ship an entire engine these days, or tried to even find one? You not only save the money on freight you also save labor by not having to drop the oil pan and install a 16V oil pump. BBM Modified ABA Crank Pulley Precision machined to the correct offset with a hub concentric collar installed. This compensates for the wider timing belt gears and belt. All of your factory accessories will line up perfectly. BBM 16v Fuel Rail, FPR Adapter, and Injector Cups This is the best way to provide the proper fuel delivery for this conversion. This makes using the OEM style injectors and Fuel Pressure Regulator a direct bolt on. ABF / 16V Timing Belt This timing belt is the perfect fit and length for this conversion. Coolant Hoses and Flange Keeping with the theme of this kit, BBM has taken yet another step in making this even easier for you by figuring out what coolant hoses you will need. All of the required coolant hoses are included for this head conversion, along with the required flange for the head. Now that you know what you need to do to convert your 2.0L ABA motor into a 16V, let's go over the options you have to start making some serious power. Normally Aspirated Just add a set of ABF Pistons to the mix (in the related parts list) and you are on well on your way to VR6 power. These pistons are available in standard or over-sized bore. These pistons will up your compression ratio to around 10.5:1, which is the same as the European 16V 2.0L ABF motor. These European only motors are known for being a viable VR6 competitor. There are also plenty of other N/A modifications you can do at this point: header, camshaft set, and port & polish are only scraping the surface of all motor maximum power! Supercharged / Turbocharged The ABA 2.0L / 16V motor is the ultimate forced induction candidate. Using stock pistons, it makes a very boost friendly 8.5:1 compression ratio. This is right where you want to be in a forced induction situation. Throw our proven MKIII 2.0L Supercharger kit into the mix and you are looking at the capability of making over 290+ bhp. That power along with the massive amount of useable supercharged torque means that this setup will keep a smile planted on your face for quite some time. The ABA 2.0L / 16V is also a great candidate for Turbocharger applications. BBM turbo related parts specifically for use with this 16V head conversion. Based on the proven Garrett T3/T4 turbo, this set up is the most cost effective way to see 350+ bhp over any VW water cooled engine platform or swap. If you want a broad and usable torque curve that hits right off throttle, then go with our Lysholm supercharger. Just keep in mind that you can still beat turbo cars running our Supercharger kit with far less peak horse power, both are a blast to drive. Did we get your attention yet? give us a call or buy online it's time to get your 2.0 up to speed and back in the game!


16V Turbo engine example as shown not included.

MkIII 2.0L ABA 16V Head Conversion


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APPLICATIONS :   ( Vehicle Type & Year / Engine )
Cabrio 1995-up 2.0 8V
MkIII Golf / GTI 1996-1999 2.0 OBD2
MkIII Golf / GTI 1993-1995 2.0 OBD1
MkIII Jetta 1996-1999 2.0 OBD2
MkIII Jetta 1993-1995 2.0 OBD1
Passat B4 Sedan 1995-1997 2.0L 8V
Passat B4 Wagon 1995-1997 2.0L 8V