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Polyurethane Engine Mount Insert

Polyurethane Engine Mount Insert

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This lower mount insert is made of a hybrid polyurethane compound resistant to temperatures as low as -40°F and as hot as 250°F. Unlike other polyurethane materials used today that become more rigid when temps reach only as low as 0°F, this custom hybrid compound will resume back to its normal state once energy (force) is applied to it, such as starting the car and letting it idle. Therefore resulting in a more consistant durometer hardness even in the coldest of temperatures, which will result in less vibrations in the winter time compared to other polyurethane mounts on the market.

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APPLICATIONS :   ( Vehicle Type & Year / Engine )
Cabrio 1995-up 2.0 8V
Corrado 1988-1995 Corrado VR6
MkIII Golf / GTI 1993-1995 2.0 OBD1
MkIII Golf / GTI 1996-1999 2.0 OBD2
MkIII Golf / GTI 1995 VR6 OBD1
MkIII Golf / GTI 1996-1999 VR6 OBD2
MkIII Jetta 1993-1995 2.0 OBD1
MkIII Jetta 1996-1999 2.0 OBD2
MkIII Jetta 1995 VR6 OBD1
MkIII Jetta 1996-1999 VR6 OBD2
MkIII Jetta 1993-1998 TDI
Passat B3 Sedan 1993-1994 VR6 OBD1
Passat B3 Wagon 1993-1994 VR6 OBD1
Passat B4 Sedan 1995-1997 VR6 OBD2
Passat B4 Sedan 1995-1997 TDI
Passat B4 Sedan 1995-1997 2.0L 8V
Passat B4 Wagon 1995-1997 VR6 OBD2
Passat B4 Wagon 1995-1997 TDI
Passat B4 Wagon 1995-1997 2.0L 8V