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Mocal VR6 Thermostatic Oil Filter Take Off

Mocal VR6 Thermostatic Oil Filter Take Off

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VW VR6 Thermoststic Oil Take-Off
The Mocal VR6 thermostatic oil take-off plate allows additional
oil cooling devices to be added to the VW VR6
engine. VW equips its engines with a small water
to oil heat exchanger located between the engine block
and oil filter. Since the VR6 engine uses with a canister
type oil filter it's factory water / oil heat exchanger is instead
located on the front transmission side of the engine block
retained by a "blanking plate" that mounts the device to the
engine. The Mocal VR6 Take off is designed to fit in this
location and thermostatically control (at 180 degrees) oil
flow to the remotely mounted oil cooling device of your
choice. This VR6 oil take off can be installed in conjunction with
the factory water heat exchanger or with the exchanger

The VR6 Mocal take off is supplied with both
long & short extensions allowing
installation with, or without the factory
VW heat exchanger.

Mocal VR6 Thermostatic Oil Filter Take Off


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