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Peloquin Limited Slip Differential - O2J

Peloquin Limited Slip Differential - O2J

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Differential housings are made from either 4320 or 8620 steel. Gears are made from 9310 steel. All parts are from billet material and CNC machined to the closest factory specifications. All differentials have been heat treated, Sub-O, and shot peened. All differentials come with bolt kits


O2J Kit also includes 8 o-rings, 5th gear cover gasket, & 2 drive flange bolts. PLEASE NOTE: This differential will only fit up to 3/2004. There was a change in the stock differential ring gear diameter & has been reduced from 114mm to 113mm to allow for a larger rivet.If there is a car down issue then the only other alternative is to replace the ring and pinion with the earlier version. The Vehicle production date is found on your door jam. Peloquin Transaxles and Bahn Brenner Motorsport, LLC. is in no way responsible for production date mistakes, the above production date is, to the best of our knowledge, correct.

Additional fee required for installation if purchasing installed in a transmission.

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APPLICATIONS :   ( Vehicle Type & Year / Engine )
Mk4 Golf / GTI 2000 1.8T
Mk4 Golf / GTI 2001-up 1.8T
Mk4 Golf / GTI 1999.5-2001 2.0L
Mk4 Golf / GTI 2001-up 2.0
Mk4 Golf / GTI 1999.5-2001 VR6
Mk4 Golf / GTI 2001-up VR6
Mk4 Golf / GTI 2000-up TDI
Mk4 Jetta 2001-up VR6
Mk4 Jetta 2001-up 1.8T
Mk4 Jetta 2000 1.8T
Mk4 Jetta 1999.5-up TDI
Mk4 Jetta 2001-up 2.0
Mk4 Jetta 1999.5-2001 2.0L
Mk4 Jetta 1999.5-2001 VR6
New Beetle 2000-up TDI
New Beetle 2001-up 1.8T
New Beetle 2001.5-up 2.0L
New Beetle 2000 1.8T
New Beetle 1998-2001.5 2.0L