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Shifter Box Rebuild Kit - MK2 & MK3

Shifter Box Rebuild Kit - MK2 & MK3

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If your shifter has that old, worn out, & loose feeling to it, you may have a worn out shifter ball at the base of the lever. This kit contains the new ball, complete with socket, seal, new press pin and all other associated hardware with replacing it. Installation only takes a few minutes, but does require dropping the exhaust system and exhaust tunnel heat shield to remove the shift box.


Make life easier with the shift gate alignment tool for the reinstallation of shift box.


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APPLICATIONS :   ( Vehicle Type & Year / Engine )
Cabrio 1995-up 2.0 8V
MkII Golf / GTI 1985-1992 Diesel
MkII Golf / GTI 1985-1987 8V CIS
MkII Golf / GTI 1990-1992 2.0L 16V
MkII Golf / GTI 1985-1987 GTI 8V
MkII Golf / GTI 1987-1989 1.8L 16V
MkII Golf / GTI 1988-1992 8V Digifant
MkII Jetta 1990-1992 2.0L 16V
MkII Jetta 1985-1987 8V CIS
MkII Jetta 1985-1992 Diesel
MkII Jetta 1988-1992 8V Digifant
MkII Jetta 1985-1987 GLI 8V
MkII Jetta 1987-1989 1.8L 16V
MkIII Golf / GTI 1993-1995 2.0 OBD1
MkIII Golf / GTI 1996-1999 2.0 OBD2
MkIII Jetta 1993-1995 2.0 OBD1
MkIII Jetta 1996-1999 2.0 OBD2