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Revo Technik

Revo Technik, specializing in engine management systems for the modern motor vehicle, bringing the latest in technology to performance tuning. Using their patent pending REVO (OBDII Serial Port Programming) technology we are able to adjust specific tables in the ECU to maximize your performance gain. The entire process takes approximately ten minutes. By accessing the ECU through the OBD II port we are able to download a program to rewrite the existing code in the ECU. In ten short minutes you can experience a 20% gain in power while never having to lift the hood of your vehicle. The base prices of the program ranges from $499 to $699, depending on vehicle make and engine size. To maximize the control and flexibility of the program you can purchase an SPS (Serial Port Switching) device. The basic SPS (SPS1) is $199 and allows the user to switch between different levels of performance via the diagnostic port. It is a very simple process, the users selects the program on the SPS and plugs it into the diagnostic port for a few seconds. An audible bleep will indicate that the program is loaded. The SPS device is removed and the user is ready to drive. The SPS2 is $269 and expands on the control of the base SPS device by adding the ability to select between octane specific programs as well as select the anti-theft mode. The anti-theft mode, which requires the purchase of an SPS2 or SPS3, allows you to totally disable your vehicle'­s ECU. Even if the would be thief has the keys the vehicle is inoperable until the SPS device is reinserted into the diagnostic port and the user selects "anti-theft off" The SPS3 expands even further to include variable boost and timing control allowing the user to adjust the car to varying degrees of performance by changing the boost pressures from the turbo. Please Call For Stage 2 & 3 Programming

Revo Chip Tune - New Beetle 1.8T
part no. Beetle18T
Revo Chip Tune - Audi A3 2.0T
part no. A320T
Revo Chip Tune - Audi A4 1.8T
part no. A418T
Revo Chip Tune - Audi TT
part no. AUDITT
Revo Chip Tune - MK4 1.8T
part no. MK418T
Revo Chip Tune - MK5 2.0T
part no. MK520T
Revo Chip Tune - R32
part no. MK4R32