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Supercharger Belts & Pulleys

Drive belts and pulleys for your 3.0T, G60 G-Lader, Sprintex, Opcon, Lysholm and Twin Screw Supercharger applications.

G60 Belt Tensioner - HD OEM
part no. 037145299
G60 Heavy Duty 12mm Wide Tooth Belt
part no. 226111740
$29.99 Sale Price: $19.99
G60 OEM Serpentine Belt W/AC Stock Pulley
part no. 6PK1755
$39.99 Sale Price: $34.99
G60 OEM V-Belt, W/AC
part no. 10X735
Non A/C Water Pump Pulley
part no. 226107612
$74.99 Sale Price: $69.99