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Misc. Parts / Billet

Odds and ends for your custom installations.

BBM Mild steel weld on tag
part no. 226102230
Billet Block Off Plate, ABA and Late 9A
part no. 226110250
Billet Sensor Bung, CO Pot or Other, Aluminum
part no. 226101623
$39.99 Sale Price: $26.99
Billet Steel Sensor Bung, CO Pot or Other,
part no. 226101624
$39.99 Sale Price: $34.99
Corrado Dual Gauge Pillar Pod
part no. 226103407
Digifant Fuel Injector Seat (Set of 4)
part no. 037133555A
$36.95 Sale Price: $19.99
Drive Sprocket, ABA 2.0L 16V
part no. 226888719
$149.99 Sale Price: $129.99