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H&R Coilovers

Engineered for the street and track use, H&R coilovers feature a fully-threaded shock body (not an imitation sleeve-over)that allows you to precisely dial in height adjustment to achieve optimum weight transfer, or simply get the aggressive look you've been looking for. Featuring H&R's exclusive dynamic damper technology, each shock is engineered to work in harmony with a progressive-rate spring, together creating a finely-tuned suspension system.

H&R Coilovers - MK4 Jetta 2.0
part no. 29525-4
H&R Coilovers - MK4 Jetta VR6/1.8T/TDI
part no. 29525-5
H&R Coilovers - MK4 Jetta Wagon 2.0
part no. 29423-1
H&R Coilovers - MKV Rabbit/GTI/Jetta
part no. 54755
H&R Coilovers - New Beetle
part no. 29488-1
H&R Coilovers - New Beetle Cabrio
part no. 29488-3
H&R Coilovers - R32
part no. 29293-1
$1,800.00 Sale Price: $1,599.00
H&R RSS Coil Over - MKV GTI
part no. 226114400