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ATE Super Blue Brake Fluid

ATE Super Blue Brake Fluid

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German premium blend synthetic Meets DOT 3&4 specs


NOTICE: Effective immediately, and until further notice, all distribution of ATE Super Blue Racing DOT 4 Brake Fluid will end in the United States due to non compliance with applicable Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard for brake fluid. The federal standard requires motor vehicle brake fluid to be colorless or amber in color.

The specific color requirement for brake fluid in the standard is to permit easy differentiation of brake fluids from other types of motor vehicle fluids before they are placed in the vehicle. If an incompatible fluid is put into a motor vehicle system, it could lead to damage or failure of that system.


ATE GOLD TYPE 200 BRAKE FLUID is still available and is identical to ATE BLUE except without the Blue dye, and will be substituted for any orders of the Superblue fluid.


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