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3.0T FSI Supercharger Power Pulley Kit

3.0T FSI Supercharger Power Pulley Kit

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Following over 12 months of testing, we are pleased to announce the release of our 3.0T Power Pulley and Stage1,2+ performance software for the Supercharged Audi 3.0T FSI engine.

Our billet lightweight hard-anodized aluminum pulley is designed with a smaller diameter than the factory pulley fitted to the Eaton TVS Supercharger. When combined with our Stage1,2+ software calibration, this allows us to further optimize your vehicle performance by increasing the supercharger rpm and upping the boost. Must be used with Revo Stage1,2+ performance software. Dyno test yielded a huge improvement in both power and torque throughout the entire RPM range, showing more than 100hp and up to 90lbft of additional torque at the wheels over stock. On the road this translates to a more flexible engine with more midrange and allot more ‘punch’ lower down than both a stock or Stage1 vehicle. Performance testing of our own S5 Coupe shows consistent improvements over stock and stage 1, with repeatable 3.7 second 0-60mph and 8.8 second 0 – 100mph times. Regardless of times, facts or figures a Stage1,2+ 3.0TFSI makes for a very fast and enjoyable car to drive.

NOTE: Stage1,2+ software and Supercharger Pulley Upgrade is not compatible with 3.0TFSI vehicles using a 6speed Tiptronic transmission.

Product contents:

  • Hard anodized Supercharger Pulley
  • OEM Factory replacement Belt


Vehicle Applications:

Audi A4 3.0TFSI

Audi A6 3.0TFSI

Audi A7 3.0TFSI

Audi Q5 3.0TFSI

Audi Q7 3.0TFSI

Audi S4 3.0TFSI

Audi S5 3.0TFSI 


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