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Crank Gear Bolt 8V VW OEM

Crank Gear Bolt 8V VW OEM

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VW OEM Part Retains crankshaft timing gear to crank shaft. One time use bolt.

Fits all 8V watercooled four cylinder VW engines 1983- to early 1999 

12 point crank pulley bolt.

Measurements:  M14x1.5x33

N903 208 02


Fits the following Vehicles:

Volkswagen Cabrio III All 2.0
Volkswagen Corrado All G60
Volkswagen Corrado All VR6 12v
Volkswagen Golf II All 16v
Volkswagen Golf II All 8v
Volkswagen Golf III All 2.0
Volkswagen Jetta II All 16v
Volkswagen Jetta II All 8v
Volkswagen Jetta III All 2.0

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