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VW Transmissions

Brand new VW transmissions, in the crate . Please note: we do not sell automatic transmissions.

02J Transmission (Code EHA)
part no. 02j300047H
02J VR6 Transmission (100mm Flanges)
part no. 02J300049R100
02J VR6 Transmission (code EUV)
part no. 02J300049R
6 Speed 02A Transmission for 4cyl
part no. 02A398475394
6 Speed 02A Transmission for VR6
part no. 02A398675394
New O2A 4 cyl Transmission (Code CAW)
part no. 02a3000445
O2J Transmission (Code CZM)
part no. 02J300044F
The MK1 Diesel 5 spd Transmission
part no. 226666256