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2.0L ABA / 16V Head Conversion

Looking for a way to make some serious power from your 2.0 Slow? Ditch your tired 8V head for the better flowing 16V unit. You will be the envy of all your friends with this conversion. All-Motor, Supercharged, Turbo, we are your ABA/16V performance parts headquarters!

16V BBM Dizzy Gizzy ABA 2.0L 16V
part no. 226888717
16v Intake Manifold Cold Start Block Off
part no. 226101229
$19.99 Sale Price: $14.99
ABF Throttle Body, Mk3 2.0L 16v
part no. 226101232
ABF Water Neck
part no. 226111253
BBM 16v Crank Pulley, Serpentine Drive
part no. 226101606
$199.99 Sale Price: $149.99
Drive Sprocket, ABA 2.0L 16V
part no. 226888719
$149.99 Sale Price: $129.99
MK4 / New Beetle Valve Cover Breather
part no. 226101739
$79.99 Sale Price: $39.99
MkIII 2.0L ABA 16V Head Conversion
part no. 226101222
$1,049.99 Sale Price: $799.95