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How much boost can I safely run on my engine? How much boost can my engine take?

The amount of boost that you are running is not necessarily what causes damage to an engine. There are many factors that determine this: Intake air temperature, combustion chamber temperature, air fuel ratio, timing, fuel grade…ect. 

Detonation or running lean is what can really destroy an engine. You could make so much power that your internal engine components break from over-stress. This type of failure is very rare on engineered and properly tuned systems. Race engines that run high boost and high octane typically use forged internal components to minimize the chances of these types of mechanical failures. The most common cause of failure is due to detonation or a lean running condition. There are many factors that will determine how much boost you can run without detonation or a lean running condition. Running higher octane can help reduce detonation. Running a richer air fuel ratio or AFR can help to cool the combustion chamber temperatures; this reduces the hot spots and or the chances of pre-detonation. Too much timing can cause pre detonation. Running an AFR that is to lean can melt your pistons and burn valves. We recommend that you use proven, tested and engineered forced induction systems. This will minimize the chances of you experiencing costly engine damage. For additional information or questions on this topic please search or ask forums.


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