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VW Audi Brakes, Empower your deceleration

While most VW/Audi vehicles come with adequate braking systems for everyday driving, they are not equipped to respond to hard street/track or sport driving. Here at BBM we feel that performance braking is vital to the balance and safety of any car. Stock braking systems do not have the thermal capacity to handle the high energy transfer rates that hard driving generates. Under severe conditions you want your braking system to transfer the heat thoroughly and efficiently with components properly matched to your style of driving.

BBM has a huge inventory of performance braking accessories in stock and ready to be installed on most every VW/Audi application. BBM and StopTech Brakes, we offer solutions at an excellent value.

BBM currently offers the StopTech big brake upgrades for most VW application.

The Kit Includes:
Four Piston Monoblock Calipers, 12" Cross-Drilled & Slotted German Rotors, Carriers, Pads, Brackets, Adapters, & all Hardware.

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