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VW Audi Performance Suspension is all about the ride

BBM carries an extensive line of H&R and Bilstein suspension for VW/Audi. In fact, our performance suspension line-up is one of the largest sections in our Online Catalog. Whether you want a more supple ride, better cornering or just want to get low, the right way, BBM has the suspension solutions for you.

BBM has pledged to deliver only top of the line, high value products. In that regard, we believe our suspension line up to be an excellent match for the VW/Audi enthusiast.

The Skinny on H&R Springs
H&R Special Springs offers 3 different stages of spring kits, 2 stages of matched shock and spring packages, wheel spacers, a large selection of 60mm (2.3") race springs, as well as numerous special order racing applications. OE Sport Springs are a Stage 1 modification which means that they provide minimal lowering level and a just slightly more aggressive stance. The Sport Spring kit in the Stage 2 group offer more for styling appearance and increased stiffness of 25-30%. The Race Springs are a Stage 3 modification and provide extreme lowering as well a much firmer, higher performance ride.

The H&R Special Springs
Cup Kit and Coil Over packages are matched shocks and spring sets that are tuned for excellent high performance handling yet still maintain a very compliant ride quality. The Stage 3.5 Cup Kit package differs from the Stage 4 Coil Over package in adjustablitiy and intended use. Cup Kits are a performance street suspension that offers lowering of 2" or greater and have a fixed ride height, whereas Coil Overs are inteded for high performance street use as well as light track use and offer adjustable lowering of 1-3" or 3-5" lowering based upon the kit and application. More radical full race kits are available.

H&R Wheel Spacers
When it comes to all-out cornering performance, one rule applies: wider is really, truly better. H&R TRAK+ wheel spacers let you balance the handling and performance of your car to suit your aggressive driving style, and without spending the time, money and trouble of springing for bigger wheels and tires. Most manufacturers, even Porsche and BMW, leave 20 to 30mm of extra space between the wheels and the fenders, to suit arcane regulations or to leave space for flapping tire chains. These light-alloy spacers push your existing wheels or even your hot, aftermarket alloys out to fill the wheelwells properly, giving you better cornering, better aerodynamics and even better looks. Wheel spacers are also great for making more room for those BIG Porsche brake upgades.