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BBM specializes in forced induction performance. If you want to get more performance and boost than your stock turbo, now is the time to upgrade to a larger turbo.

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VW / Audi Turbocharger Upgrades
BBMA4K03 Stock Turbo PassatAudi A4
BBMA4k04 Turbo UpgradePassat Audi A4
Applications VWAudi
BBMMk4k03 Stock TurboGolf Mk4, Jetta Mk4, New BeetleAudi A3
BBMMk4k04 Turbo UpgradeGolf Mk4, Jetta Mk4, New Beetle, Audi A3

Audi S4 Twin Turbos StockAudi S4
BBMS41-k03 (R)
BBMS42-k03 (L)
Audi S4 / RS4 Twin Turbo UpgradeAudi S4 / RS4

BBMRS41- k04 (R)
BBMRS41- k04 (L)