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VW Audi Performace Software Tuning

BBM has partnered with Revo Technik to bring you the smoothest and most reliable power gains available today for the modern motor vehicle. All of the development is carried out using the standard un-modified car, which has first been diagnostically tested for true factory results. As such the software that is tuned to, will perform impeccably when re-installed onto an un-modified car.
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Why Revo?

Software tuning has made vast advancements from the early days. Revo engineers rewrite much of the factory source code that allows them to sample much faster with higher resolution and expand the limits set by the programming restraints from the factory. This allows Revo to monitor 20+ inputs simultaneously in real time instead of one. They spend on average 5 days of data logging and tuning on their codes ensuring the maximum level of performance with the greatest level of driveability. The result is better than factory power, fuel economy, and driveability.

Installation Process:

Most Revo software is programmed through the vehicles Serial Port. This allows us to reprogram you're vehicle without lifting the hood, and will be downloaded into your factory ECU in just under 30 minutes!


Find A Chip for your Car
Our online catalog features Volkswagen, Audi and Porsche performance chips. If your vehicle isn't on our site you may want to check out the Revo site.

Please contact our Sales & Tech. department for more information on Chip Tuning for your VW/Audi.