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Forge VW Golf 1.8T Alloy Side Mount Intercooler

Forge VW Golf 1.8T Alloy Side Mount Intercooler

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Designed by Forge to replace your OEM intercooler this all alloy intercooler is an easy install and direct factory replacement unit. The Forge intercooler is 27mm X 5mm X 15mm bigger than the OEM unit.......greatly improved air flow characteristics over the factory cooler. Sustain that cool high boost charge and performance.


Gains over stock SMIC Size increase: 27mm x 5mm x 15mm Power increase: 13hp and 2ft/lbs @ wheels Pressure loss reduction: 2psi Air temp reduction: 6-9 DegC

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APPLICATIONS :   ( Vehicle Type & Year / Engine )
Mk4 Golf / GTI 2000 1.8T
Mk4 Golf / GTI 2001-up 1.8T
Mk4 Jetta 2001-up 1.8T
Mk4 Jetta 2000 1.8T