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BBM Billet Shift Knob

BBM Billet Shift Knob

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The BBM Billet Shift Knob is your direct connection for smooth, quick and accurate shifting. We manufacture this simple design purely for function and reliable operation. Featuring a small knurled surface right in the center for grip. This shift knob is for all threaded style VW shift levers. This knob will not come loose or fall off like those universal shift knobs that require you to tighten three little screws.

Direct fit For Mk1,2&3 applications with threaded shifter rod.

Made in the USA by BBM


Note: Other platforms, Mk4 & up can also use the BBM billet shift knob as well, run an M5 x 1.5mm die over the shifter lever rod and make some threads.

*Dirty shift boot as shown not included.

BBM Billet Shift Knob

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