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OEM Rear Disc Brake Kit

OEM Rear Disc Brake Kit

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Upgrade to rear disc from the drum setups that were release on base model cars. Everything needed to do the swap is included and no modification is required.


New OEM rotor spindles, New OEM aluminum calipers, New rubber brake lines, 9.4" 4 lug drilled and slotted rotors, New OEM pads, New wheel bearings, New Wheel bearing seals, & hubs.  See photo for items included.

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APPLICATIONS :   ( Vehicle Type & Year / Engine )
Cabriolet 1980-1989 1.8L CIS
Cabriolet 1990-1992 1.8L Digifant
Caddy Pickup 1979-1981 1.6L Diesel
Caddy Pickup 1979-1981 1.8L
Caddy Pickup 1979-1981 1.6L
MkI Jetta 1980-1984 1.6L
MkI Jetta 1981-1984 Diesel
MkI Jetta 1980-1984 1.8L
MkI Rabbit GTI 1983-1984 1.8L 8V
MkI Rabbit non GTI 1980-1984 1.8L
MkI Rabbit non GTI 1975-1983 Diesel
MkI Rabbit non GTI 1977-1984 1.6L
MkI Scirocco 1977-1981 4-CYL 8V
MkI Scirocco 1975-1976 1.8L 8V
MkII Golf / GTI 1985-1992 Diesel
MkII Golf / GTI 1985-1987 8V CIS
MkII Golf / GTI 1988-1992 8V Digifant
MkII Jetta 1985-1987 8V CIS
MkII Jetta 1988-1992 8V Digifant
MkII Jetta 1985-1992 Diesel
MkII Scirocco 1982-1988 1.8 8V
MkIII Golf / GTI 1993-1995 2.0 OBD1
MkIII Golf / GTI 1996-1999 2.0 OBD2
MkIII Jetta 1993-1995 2.0 OBD1
MkIII Jetta 1996-1999 2.0 OBD2
MkIII Jetta 1993-1998 TDI